Wildview TK40 NoGlo

Wildview TK40 NoGlo

The extremely compact Wildview TK40 NoGlo Video Scouting Camera has been released for the 2013 season and it has been equipped with the ZX7 Processor. This is a clean and modern looking design that is quick and easy to set up to provide an outstanding outdoor scouting tool.

This model is the upgrade of the previously released TK30 with the essential difference being the no glow infrared flash on this model compared to the red glow of the earlier model.

The camera is also smaller than the earlier models measuring 5″ x 4″ x 2.5″ which is significantly smaller than the other Wildview cameras.

The ZX7 processor ensures super fast trigger speeds and with the TRIAD technology the battery life is extended and operation is a very simple procedure. An important aspect of any video is the quality of the definition and the 720P High Definition Video achieves this with the inclusion of date time stamping to aid footage editing. This will also help with evaluating the habits of the wildlife with moon phase and temperature also displayed.

The HD video recording offers a choice of 3 settings to give you 15, 30 or 60 seconds of continuous footage. Another option is to combine it with the time-lapse hybrid cam mode. In all you can use this camera in one of three ways for stills, time-lapse or video.

The resolution of the camera is 8MP with a choice when in still mode of setting the resolution at either 8MP or dropping it back to 5MP.

The camera is equipped with NO-GLO night vision infrared lighting to enable the clear capture of the animals in their natural surroundings. The 40 Black IR emitters provide a 50 foot range and the photo quality is high as a result. If the conditions don’t require as high a light intensity the camera can be adjusted using the 40/30 control switch so that the light output is adjusted.

Burst Mode is also available which allows captures to be taken in 1/3/6 images per trigger with a 20 second, 1 minute, 5 minute or 10 minute time out.

Modes of operation can quickly be selected by viewing the easy to read external LCD status display. The TK40 NoGlo incorporates an SD card slot that accepts up to a 32GB memory card.

The unit is housed in a durable weather proof housing that protects it from the elements and will keep it operational through all weather conditions.

Here are the listed features of the camera that have been provided by the Wildview website.


  • 8.0  Mega Megapixel (2 resolution  settings)  8mp / 5mp
  • HD Video recording – 15 / 30 / 60 secs
  • Time Lapse Function
  • 40 No Glo IR Emitters / 50ft range
  • Burst Mode 1 / 3 / 6  images per triggering
  • 20 sec / 1 min / 5 min / 10 min Time Out
  • External LCD status display
  • Time / Date / Moon Phase
  • SD Card slot up to 32GB
  • Test Mode
  • USB output
  • Operates on 8 AA batteries
  • External power jack for 12V battery box
  • Durable weather proof housing

For more information about the TK40 NoGlo trail camera as well as the other models the company produces it is definitely worthwhile visiting the Wildview website.

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