Moultrie M-990i Mini Cam

You don’t need a large trail camera to get top quality pictures taken with a quick response time. In fact, if you’re trying to find a trail camera that is as undetectable as possible the Moultrie M-990i Mini Cam makes a great option to check out.

Moultrie M-990i Mini Cam

The M-990i Is Small But Powerful

Although the Moultrie M-990i Mini Trail cam may be diminutive in size it is powerful in the features that it contains and produces particularly high resolution images thanks to its 10.0MP resolution for still shots and 720p HD video. The camera is also equipped with a 2″ internal LCD viewer. This means that there should never be a problem in making out the images that are captured by the camera. The screen also provides the kind of clarity that makes setting up very easy with a clear menu system on the color screen making it an intuitive process.

The flash type is infrared (IR) and it has an advertised night time range of up to 70 feet, using the Moultrie Illumi-Night sensor. This is an improvement on the detection circuits that have been used in the past. When looking at the camera during night time operation you can see that the IR flash is nearly undetectable and this means that the camera is suitable for both wildlife surveillance and security applications.

Four Capture Modes

The trail camera is equipped with four capture modes: Motion Detect, Time Lapse, Hybrid Cam and Video.

Motion Detect Mode relies on the IR technology to trigger image capture. The field of view of the camera is on the narrow side at 50-degrees and the night time range is advertised as 70 feet. Independent testing of the range with walk-through tests show that the reliability of the camera being triggered starts to slip at around the 65 foot mark.

Time Lapse Mode allows the camera to be programmed so that it will take a series of captures at set intervals during the day to get an idea of the more active wildlife in the area. When it is combined with the Moultrie Plot Stalker software it is possible to turn the captures into video file format.

The Hybrid Cam Mode works as a combination of the Time Lapse and Motion Detect Modes over the course of day and night time scouting.

HD Video Mode can be set to record at predetermined times of the day or for shorter bursts up to 20 seconds at night.

Securing the Camera

An added security feature has been included into the camera in the form of a password setting capability. Naturally it is also possible to secure the camera from the outside with a strap and it is also possible to buy a separate CamLockBox security box that will not only prevent thieves from taking the camera but will also protect the camera from curious animals. The security box has been designed especially to fit the smaller sized M-990i.

The camera operates on 8 “AA’ batteries and the memory can be expanded by using the SD memory-card slot that takes up to a 32 GB capacity memory card.

Features of the Moultrie M-990i Mini Cam

  • Unit size: 5″ high x 3.75″ wide x 3″ deep
  • 10.0 megapixel No Glow infrared mini cam
  • Less than 1-second trigger
  • Up to 70-ft night range
  • 4 operational modes:
    – IR triggered game camera
    – Time-lapse plot camera
    – Plot camera by day, motion detect camera at night
    – HD video day and night
  • Illumi-Night sensor provides bright, clear nighttime images
  • Motion Freeze reduces nighttime blur
  • HD video (720p) with sound
  • 2″ built-in LCD viewing screen
  • 16:9 widescreen images and video
  • FastFire Continuous Shooting (1-4 pics/sec)
  • Multi-Shot (1-3 pics)
  • Barometric pressure, moon phase, temperature, time, date and camera ID stamp
  • Password protected
  • SD memory card slot — up to 32GB
  • 9,500 images on 8 AA batteries


We have included here a link to the Moultrie M-990i_Manual in case there are any further questions not covered here that need to be answered.

As mentioned at the start of this review, the M-990i Mini Cam is packed with plenty of features. In fact, it is the most feature-packed camera in the Moultrie range. To find out more details about this or other Moultrie cameras it is recommended that you visit the Moultrie website.

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