Moultrie M-880 Mini Cam

Moultri M-880 Mini Cam

When looking for a good quality trail camera that shrieks value for money you can do no better than the Moultrie M-880 Mini Cam. Not only is it easy to set up and use, it delivers on performance and quality of shots. Whether you are looking for a camera that produces good pictures in either daytime or night time functionality or a high resolution video capture, the M-880 Mini Cam is perfect.

Fast Trigger

Where this camera is particularly impressive is in its trigger time and recovery. The trigger time is less than a second with numerous people displaying shots of animals that have barely moved into the field of view before the picture has been taken. This indicates that there is little chance that animals will be missed because they are moving too quickly.

The camera features FastFire continuous shooting as an option and this allows 1-4 pictures to be taken per second. When the camera is in Multi-shot mode it is capable of taking 1-3 pictures in succession.

Infrared Detection

The detection range of the camera is around 60 feet and at this range you can be virtually guaranteed of 100% success. The night-time IR flash range is advertised on the Moultrie website as being 100 feet. However, it is not consistent at this range.

The Moultrie Illumi-Night sensor ensures that the pictures that are taken at night are clear and the Motion Freeze technology reduces night-time blur.

Four Capture Modes

The trail camera is equipped with four capture modes: Motion Detect, Time Lapse, Hybrid Cam and Video.

Motion Detect Mode relies on the IR technology to trigger image capture. The field of view of the camera is on the narrow side at 50-degrees and the night time range is advertised as 70 feet. Independent testing of the range with walk-through tests show that the reliability of the camera being triggered starts to slip at around the 65 foot mark.

Time Lapse Mode allows the camera to be programmed so that it will take a series of captures at set intervals during the day to get an idea of the more active wildlife in the area. When it is combined with the Moultrie Plot Stalker software it is possible to turn the captures into video file format.

The Hybrid Cam Mode works as a combination of the Time Lapse and Motion Detect Modes over the course of day and night time scouting.

HD Video Mode can be set to record at predetermined times of the day or for shorter bursts up to 20 seconds at night.

Securing the Camera

An added security feature has been included into the camera in the form of a password setting capability. Naturally it is also possible to secure the camera from the outside with a strap and it is also possible to buy a separate CamLockBox security box that will not only prevent thieves from taking the camera but will also protect the camera from curious animals. The security box has been designed especially to fit the smaller sized M-880.

The camera operates on 8 AA batteries which provides around 4-6 months of life. In number of picture terms, if you only take still pictures with the camera you can expect to get around 9,500 pictures before the batteries go dead. The memory can be expanded by using the SD memory-card slot that takes up to a 32 GB capacity memory card.

Features of the Moultrie M-880 Mini Cam

  • Unit size: 5″ high x 3.75″ wide x 3″ deep
  • 8.0 megapixel No Glow infrared mini cam
  • Less than 1-second trigger
  • Up to 100-ft night range
  • 4 operational modes:
    – IR triggered game camera
    – Time-lapse plot camera
    – Plot camera by day, motion detect camera at night
    – HD video day and night
  • Illumi-Night sensor provides bright, clear nighttime images
  • Motion Freeze reduces nighttime blur
  • HD video (720p) with sound
  • 16:9 widescreen images and video
  • FastFire Continuous Shooting (1-4 pics/sec)
  • Multi-Shot (1-3 pics)
  • Moon phase, temperature, time, date and camera ID stamp
  • Password protected
  • SD memory card slot — up to 32GB
  • 9,500 images on 8 AA batteries
  • Integrated strap loop with Python® cable compatibility (cable not included)


We have included here a link to the Moultrie M-880 Manual in case there are any further questions not covered here that need to be answered.

Customer Opinions

The following customer opinions have been compiled from reviews found on various online sites and placed here to give you an all-around view of other customer experiences with the trail camera. We have included an attribution to each of the websites so you can visit them and get the full picture there. Because we acknowledge that there are many positive, negative and neutral experiences with all products we have included the comments that cover all three reactions.

Smiley FaceThe Positive

I had several Moultrie M80 trail cameras so I was really looking forward to the new Moultrie M880 coming out. So far the pictures have been great. I did have a few empty pictures but that must have been from a really hot day or maybe wind. The flash is perfect and it is easy to setup. It has been out 2 months and the batteries are still above 80%.
— From

This camera takes excellent night and day photos and has an excellent trigger speed. The battery life is solid and it rarely takes blank photos. I was very impressed with the quality at such an excellent price. The only complaint I have is that the infrared flash is definitely visible to human and whitetail eyes. I did have pictures of deer looking at the camera. It is not advertised as no-glow so I cannot cite this as a flaw.
— from

I put my new Moultrie M-880 into service a week ago today. It has numerous settings but I chose the 3 shot standard. Obviously a fresh set of 8 AA batteries. I placed it looking towards a hanging deer feeder that is set to go off twice a day. Today I went in and pulled the card.

I had 926 pictures. The picture quality was absolutely awesome. Out of the 926 pictures there was only one that was blurry and only 6 that did not have a critter in the picture. Both the day and night time picture quality was as good as I have ever seen on any trail camera. The reason this camera took so many pictures is because of the recovery time of the camera. My old Moultrie D 55 IR on this same location will generally only take about 150 pictures give or take when placed on the same tree facing the same feeder.
— from

Neutral FaceThe Neutral

Bought and returned this product on same day. I am sure it works as advertised but upon reading owners manual I discovered the software is not compatible with Apple computers. I later confirmed this with their customer service. The box does not have any statements as to computer compatibility. If you are a Mac person then this product is a no go.
— From

Frown FaceThe Negative

I have ordered and replaced this camera twice. Both cameras burned up the battery power. The only pictures they ever took were of me during set-up. I’ve requested a refund as I no longer trust this model. The set-up was quite easy and I would have been pleased had they worked.
— from

As mentioned at the start of this review, the M-880 Mini Cam is packed with plenty of features. In fact, it joins the M-990i Mini Cam as one of the most feature-packed camera in the Moultrie range. To find out more details about this or other Moultrie cameras it is recommended that you visit the Moultrie website.

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