Moultrie D-444 Infrared Game Camera

Moultrie D-444 Game Camera

The Moultrie D-444 Infrared Game Camera may be one of the cheaper trail cameras in the Moultrie range but the performance and quality of images that it produces is high. From the speed of the trigger to the size of the detection zone the camera provides the hunter with a great value for money product. This is an 8 MP camera that provides good quality pictures regardless of whether it is at day or night.

The camera is powered by the larger C-cell batteries causing the overall size of the camera to be a little larger than those that take AA batteries.  The larger battery capability means that the camera has a potentially longer operating life-span before they have to be replaced.

Trigger Speed and Detection Range

The trigger speed of the camera is unexpected for a camera that costs less than $150. Speeds of under a second are the norm for the more expensive trail cameras and the fact that the D-444 delivers this kind of response is impressive. At this speed you can expect to capture images of just about anything that is on the move.

Where the D-444 is not quite so impressive is in the length of time it takes to recover which is around 15 seconds. For the moving animals it will mean that you’re only going to get a single shot before it moves out of frame.

The detection range of the camera is 50 feet extending on a good day to 60 feet with that range dropping on warmer days. The Field of View of the camera is 50 degrees which is the same as you will get from the M-888 and M-999i cameras. The flash is a Low Glow infrared flash that has a range of up to 80 feet.

The camera features a multi-shot continuous shooting option that enables up to 3 images to be captured through a single trigger. The D-444 also features FastFire Continuous Shooting capable of taking 1-3 shots in a row.

The Moultrie Illumi-Night sensor ensures that the pictures that are taken at night are clear and the Motion Freeze technology reduces night-time blur.

Four Capture Modes

The trail camera is equipped with four capture modes: Motion Detect, Time Lapse, Hybrid Cam and Video.

Motion Detect Mode relies on the IR technology to trigger image capture. As already mentioned the field of view of the camera is 50 degrees but the detection zone itself is narrower and the night time range is advertised as 80 feet.

Time Lapse Mode allows the camera to be programmed so that it will take a series of captures at set intervals during the day to get an idea of the more active wildlife in the area. When it is combined with the Moultrie Plot Stalker software it is possible to turn the captures into video file format.

The Hybrid Cam Mode works as a combination of the Time Lapse and Motion Detect Modes over the course of day and night time scouting.

HD Video Mode can be set to record at predetermined times of the day or for shorter bursts up to 20 seconds at night.

Securing the Camera

A security feature that has been included into the camera is the ability to password protect the device which will give you the satisfaction of knowing that the camera cannot be used if it has been stolen. Naturally it is also possible to secure the camera from the outside with a built-in bracket to take a Python Cable Lock and it also has a threaded insert to attach a game camera mount. It is also possible to buy a separate CamLockBox security box that will not only prevent thieves from taking the camera but will also protect the camera from curious animals.

The camera operates on 6 C-cell batteries which provides around 4-6 months of life. In number of picture terms, if you only take still pictures with the camera you can expect to get more than 25,000 pictures before the batteries go dead. The memory can be expanded by using the SD memory-card slot that takes up to a 32 GB capacity memory card.

Features of the Moultrie D-444 Game Camera

  • 8.0 megapixel Low Glow infrared game camera
  • Less than 1-second trigger speed
  • Up to 80-ft night range
  • Provides 50-degree view
  • 4 operational modes:
    – IR triggered game camera
    – Time-lapse plot camera
    – Plot camera by day, motion detect camera at night
    – Day and night video
  • 4:3 aspect ratio for images and video
  • Multi-Shot (1-3 pics)
  • Moon phase, temperature, time, date and camera ID stamp
  • Picture Delay Settings allow delay settings ranging from 15-sec. to 1 hour.
  • Password protected
  • SD memory card slot — up to 32GB
  • 25,000+ images on 6 C-cell batteries
  • Integrated strap loop with Python® cable compatibility (cable not included)

Customer Opinions

The following customer opinions have been compiled from reviews found on various online sites and placed here to give you an all-around view of other customer experiences with the trail camera. We have included an attribution to each of the websites so you can visit them and get the full picture there. Because we acknowledge that there are many positive, negative and neutral experiences with all products we have included the comments that cover all three reactions.

Smiley FaceThe Positive

I run 6 cams at my hunting lease. Bought this cam when it first came out. First week out it had 1150 pics. Every pic was clear as a bell. It is fast. I had a deer bedded down under the D-444. I had it sent on five pics testing the functions on the D-444. It was like a movie clicking the mouse fast as the buck jumped up and ran.
— from

The only thing that would make this camera better would be “no glow” rather than “low glow” infrared. It’s comical to watch the rabbits notice the red glowing LEDs come on then take off running. They don’t all notice, but a few do if they happen to be facing the camera. The motion sensor is very good, even picking up small birds that come into the field of view at about 20 feet.
— from

This camera was well thought-out from the beginning.  The wide, deep detection zone combined with a sub-1 second trigger makes catching the first animal a cinch.  The slow recovery time makes catching the second passerby much tougher.  If you plan on using this on a trail, the multi-shot mode is a must.  However, good picture quality, long battery life, easy programming and a strong/durable camera make this a steal even for the craftiest of bargain hunters.
— from

Neutral FaceThe Neutral

Not being new to trail cameras, I was expecting more. I would expect an 8MP camera to have a better photo quality. I currently have a 4MP trail camera that is several years old and it takes better photos. The night pictures are of the quality you would expect from an infrared. I do like the “low glow”, as it emits a visible red light when it takes the night pictures. I also like the fact that it is small and compact and will last a long time with C cell batteries.
— from


Frown FaceThe Negative

I have been operating this camera for over a month now, and so far I think Moultrie has taken a step back with this camera. I do realize that this camera is only $100 but the pictures both night and day are some of the worst quality that I have seen in many years. The same goes for daytime videos, which are so grainy that hardly any detail can be seen of the game. The only positive things I have seen so far are battery life and the night time videos (these look fairly clear). I have yet to try the plot watch mode, but I don’t know how useful it will be since the photos don’t have much detail.
My main reason for buying this model was b/c it was new.
— from

Product Manual

We have included here a link to the Moultrie D-444 Manual in case there are any further questions not covered here that need to be answered.

To find out more details about this or other Moultrie cameras it is recommended that you visit the Moultrie website.

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