Cuddeback Seen Game Camera


Cuddeback Seen Game Camera

The following review is for the Cuddeback Seen Game Camera, one of three IR cameras in the range. The advantage of using cameras that feature infrared flash is the fact that there is no visible flash when a picture is being taken.

The Cuddeback Seen Game Camera is a solid performing IR camera at a reasonable price point. The camera uses the Cuddeback patent pending Zone Control technology which gives you the choice of either a wide angle or narrow angle sensing. This allows you to change the way the camera triggers depending on where the camera is mounted.

Fast Trigger Speed

The camera has a trigger speed that operates as with a delay that is as fast as 1 second. When the narrow angle Zone Control option is chosen the camera is virtually operating as a Centered View camera giving you well centered shots.

The motion sensors on this camera are reliable enough to just about eliminate photos that contain no animals in the shot. The lack of false triggers when in the Center Subject setting is testament to the sturdy design of the camera. It must be noted that the wide view mode can generated a number of blank images as deer move at the edges of the view.

Extended Battery Life

The camera features another nice function called Battery Squeeze. This process extracts every last bit of juice from the battery and uses it to extend the life of the battery. An added benefit of this process is that the quality of the images taken as the batteries are being depleted remain as high as when they were brand new. It’s only when the power is completely gone that the camera shuts down.

The illumination range of the Seen is only 50 feet which is the shortest of the IR illumination cameras. This is provided by 24 LEDs with 2 watts of power. The camera is designed to perform best on trails and scrapes.

Optional Security Box

The Seen can be protected from thieves, bears or the elements by using a CuddeSafe security box. There is a CuddeSafe security box that fits the Cuddeback Seen camera and is a heavy-duty bear-proof metal design. The box is easy to install for quick attachment to the tree and it also accepts a padlock.

Features of the Cuddeback Seen Game Camera

  • 1/2 second trigger speed
  • 24 IR LEDs with illumination range up to 40 feet
  • Takes color images by day and black and white images by night
  • 5 MP high definition
  • Zone Control motion sensing with user selectable centered & wide angle detection settings
  • Test Mode
  • HD wide view format video at 720P AVI
  • Uses up to 32GB SD card (not included)
  • Requires 8 AA batteries (not included)
  • Operates up to 4 months or thousands of images on a set of batteries
  • Video length of 10, 20, 30 seconds

Check the Owner’s Manual

To help with coming to grips with the Cuddeback Seen, or if you have misplaced it, we are providing a copy of the Owner’s Manual to refer to.

The Seen is the lowest priced option in the Cuddeback IR range of scouting cameras. In order to browse the other cameras in the range and to make a comparison of the features of each model, visit the Cuddeback website.

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