Hunten GSC22-T70IR Trail Camera

The Hunten GSC22-T70IR Trail Camera provides the dual benefits of taking quality 7.0 megapixel pictures by day and 5.0 megapixel infrared images at night. The night-time range of the camera is very impressive and the Passive Infrared Sensor that the camera has been equipped with means that, thanks to the no glow flash detects heat […] Read more »

Hunten GSC35-20IR Trail Camera

The Hunten GSC35-20IR Trail Camera is very similar in looks and design as the GSC35-20S. The differences start with the night time flash of the GSC35-20IR which uses 21 infrared LEDs. The camera is capable of taking pictures with this IR flash out to a range of 45 feet. It is also possible to take these shots, whether […] Read more »

Hunten GSC35-20S Trail Camera

The Hunten GSC35-20S Trail Camera is a strobe trail camera featuring a powerful Xenon flash tube. The camera is capable of taking pictures in 2MP resolution. It features an easy to read LED display screen, battery life that is particularly long and the white flash of the Xenon light. It is acknowledged that the idea […] Read more »