How To Attract Deer To Your Trail Camera

There is a lot more to positioning a trail camera for successful pictures than simply mounting it in a tree in the bush. Deer can be canny enough to make it necessary to go to greater lengths to ensure regular subjects pass in front of the camera lens. There are a number of ways that […] Read more »

What Is the Best Position For A Trail Camera?

The positioning of your trail camera can be a delicate balance between placing it close enough to the trail, rub or scrape to get good shots and far enough away that it won’t be noticed by the deer. A whitetail buck is an extremely canny animal and has an innate instinct in avoiding predators. If […] Read more »

How Can I Protect My Game Camera?

You’ve shelled out a reasonable amount of money to get yourself a quality trail camera. Now you’ve got to protect it from outsiders – human or otherwise. One of the big problems with using a trail camera is that, in order for it to do its job it has to be left out on the […] Read more »