Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Max Trail Camera

Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Max Trail Camera

The Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Max Trail Camera features the fast trigger speed and long battery life that has made the original Trophy Cam one of the most popular trail cameras on the market. The No Glow aspect of the camera means that this is a true stealth camera that will give no indication of its presence when night time pictures are taken.

The HD Max features HD video resolution and audio as an improved extra that ensures the clarity and detail is better than ever.

The night vision flash is provided by 32 Black LED bulbs and has a range of 60 feet.

The camera is powered with between 4 and 12 AA batteries and the battery life in this camera can be as long as a year.

Trigger Speed

This is an incredibly fast camera in terms of trigger speed with the capture time down at around 0.6 seconds. The important recovery time is 3 seconds so that it will be quickly up and available for its next shot.

The detection range of the camera is nice and wide at 50 feet and that makes the camera equally suitable for animal detection as well as security work.

Further Analysis

The video resolution is 1280 x 720 pixel resolution and the camera is able to take video up to 60 seconds in length at a time.

The flash is adjustable to low, med and high and is useful depending on the distance that the shot is taken. A high setting will hold the shutter open longer to provide more light to enter for a nighttime shot. Medium and low settings will darken the shot but will allow for setups that are typically closer to the animal being shot.

By using the lower settings you will be lengthening the lifespan of the batteries. You can expect the batteries to last around 2-4 months with normal use and in situations where the rate of capture is low that range could extend out to 6-12 months.

The daytime pictures of the Trophy Cam are typically high in quality and the HD Max shows excellent color and great clarity. The improvement that has been added with the HD Max is the inclusion of temperature and moon phase stamps.

Securing the Camera

In terms of security for the camera the unit is equipped with a padlock point that will give you the ability to lock the unit door. The Trophy Cam HD Max is slightly larger than other cameras in the Bushnell range and there is a security box that has been specifically designed to hold it. There are holes drilled into it that will allow a Python Cable Lock and/or a padlock to be used for increased security for the camera. The security box will serve the dual purpose of deterring thieves from taking the camera as well as hiding it away from the damage that might be caused by curious animals.

Features of the Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Max Trail Camera

  • 8MP
  • Low/Med/High/Auto PIR Sensor
  • 32 Black LED Night Flash with 60’ range
  • Black and White Text LCD Display
  • Date/Time Stamp
  • Temp/Moon Stamp
  • Long battery life from 4-12 AA batteries (not included)
  • Battery Life up to one year
  • Video Resolution is 1280 x 720
  • Two programmable Field Scan windows
  • Video length up to 60 seconds
  • Support up to 32GB SD card (not included)

Customer Opinions

The following customer opinions have been compiled from reviews found on various online sites and placed here to give you an all-around view of other customer experiences with the trail camera. We have included an attribution to each of the websites so you can visit them and get the full picture there. Because we acknowledge that there are many positive, negative and neutral experiences with all products we have included the comments that cover all three reactions.

Smiley FaceThe Positive

These cameras are great for getting pictures of camera shy bucks. If you are still using a white flash or red glow camera you’re probably missing pictures of mature bucks. I started hanging my cameras about 6 feet high a year ago, angled only slightly down, and I started capturing more pictures of older bucks. The black LED flash made all the difference and does not spook deer even at night. The additional height does not adversely affect the camera’s ability to sense game in the detection zone. The lithium batteries last about 1 year and the new HD camera now has two starts and stop field scan timers so you can capture mornings and evenings over food plots, field edges, etc. Also, if game enters the detection zone of this camera while in field scan mode it still takes a picture outside of the timed parameters so you don’t miss any pictures…some one at Bushnell was thinking. It is easy to program, easy to open and pull cards. Only suggestion for improvement would be to have theft deterrents such as password protection or GPS tracking should the camera be stolen.

— from Amazon.com

I have one. Love it so far. The night pics are the best I’ve ever gotten with any of my Bushnells and I have an ’09, ’10 and ’11 too. Right now it’s taking way too many pics of shadows moving and leaves and branches but hopefully I’ll get the settings right and it will settle in. The day pics are great too but were always good with my Bushnells. Night time is where they used to lack quality, not any more.

— from Archerytalk.com

Neutral FaceThe Neutral

This camera takes amazing daytime videos. Sadly, the black LEDs don’t activate about 2/3 of the time for night videos. When they do activate, the picture is grainy but there is plenty of light to see the subject and the surroundings. When the LEDs don’t activate, the video is almost completely black, many times I can only barely make out the silouette of the subject. I’ve emailed Bushnell and will advise if there’s a fix for this. If not, I’ll probably return this. I’m confident I’ve got the camera set up corectly, for high illumination and the time of day is set correctly.

— from Amazon.com

i have a 437 and its flash range leaves much to be desired. transition and daytime pictures are really good and the cam is really fast. fog will really mess the cam up to. you will have to get pictures from a clear night to see how it is going to do. some people have had pretty good luck with the 2012,s running them on the default settings.

— from Chasingame.com

I’m liking mine if you get the real good batteries they will last over a year and take over 10000 pics. I also didn’t know about the card getting wiped out when batteries go dead! Good info and also every trail can u should turn off can before removing the SD card

— from Archerytalk.com


Frown FaceThe Negative

Great pictures, what little time it worked. Got this camera from B&H and their service is always wonderful but when the return period was over so was the camera. I bought this camera last year and after about three months the screen stopped working and then it started missing shots. placed a Moultrie close to it and came up with three times the shots. Then in the fourth month nothing. It just stopped working. I can not believe that Michael Waddell would even promote this product, but I guess that money will make you do a lot of things. Now I have a paperweight that I can show everyone what not to buy.

— from bhphotovideo.com

To find out more details about this or other Bushnell cameras it is recommended that you visit the Bushnell website.

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