Browning Spec Ops Trail Camera

Browning Spec Ops Trail Camera

The Browning Spec Ops Trail Camera features a fast triggering camera with a similarly quick recovery time. The movement detection function of the camera is reliable with few reports of false triggers. It has a resolution of 8 MP and features infrared red glow technology that has a 50 foot range.

This is a camera that not only has a fast trigger time but it is paired with a wide detection field. This means that it is capable of picking up fast moving animals that would probably be missed by many other cameras.

Where the camera tends to struggle is in an area that is possibly one of the most important, daytime picture quality. This may well be completely irrelevant for the hunter who merely wants to scout a location and wants confirmation that certain animals pass through at certain times. if this is you then the picture quality should not turn you off buying this camera.

The camera is powered by 8 AA batteries that are located at the bottom of the unit. They can be accessed very easily when the camera is mounted by simply sliding out the tray at the bottom. This makes it a simple task to replace spent batteries without having to take down the entire unit.

Trigger Speed

There is no doubt that the trigger speed of the camera is one of its strong points. It has been measured at well under 1 second and the important follow-up recovery time is also good at less than 3 seconds. This makes the camera one of the best in the industry in terms of detection circuit speeds. Browning has developed its line of cameras very nicely with this same trigger speed also found in the Recon Force and the Range Ops cameras.

The default setting of the camera is a single shot but it is equipped with two types of multiple shot capabilities: either Multi-Shot or Rapid Fire. The Rapid Fire burst mode of the camera enable you to take up to 6 shots in a 2 second time span. The camera also has a Multi-Shot function that gives you the capability of taking up to 8 multiple shots with an interval of 3 seconds between each shot.

Capture Modes

As well as the single and multi-shot image captures that are movement triggered the camera is also capable of being set to time-lapse mode and can also take HD video.

Time Lapse Mode allows the camera to be set up to take pictures at frequencies of 5, 10, 15, 30, 60 seconds or 2 or 5 minutes. The time lapse period can also be set up for certain hours during the day. This means that you can set the camera up for time lapse mode for just a few hours in the afternoon in one location and then, when it is moved to another location can be set to time lapse mode all day.

There are a number of time lapse duration options available for use with this camera. You can use the All Day option or 2, 3 or 4 hour limits.

HD Video Mode can be set to record at predetermined times of the day.

There is a choice of two video resolution options available:

  • High – 1280 x 720 resolution
  • Low – 640 x 480 resolution

It is also possible to set the video length with the options being 5, 10, 20, 30 seconds and 1 or 2 minute lengths.

Setting Up the Camera

The camera is easy to set up and use. Programming the camera for its various modes whether it be the time lapse or video feature is intuitive with easy-to-follow prompts helping you through the entire process.

It is compact and can be mounted so that it is positioned at whatever angle you require. The camera comes with a nylon strap that is hardy and highly durable.

In terms of security for the camera the unit is equipped with a padlock point that will give you the ability to lock the unit door. It can also be secured inside a CamLockBox security box which serves the dual purpose of deterring thieves from taking the camera as well as hiding it away from the damage that might be caused by curious animals. It can also be further secured with the use of a python lock.

The camera operates on 8 AA batteries that can be accessed from a slide out tray at the bottom of the camera. When using the batteries in normal single-shot mode you can expect the batteries to last anywhere from 4-6 months. This, of course, will change if you set the time lapse option to operate more frequently and the life will also be affected by the weather conditions.

Features of the Browning Spec Ops Trail Camera

  • Browning Spec Ops with Features8MP
  • HD videos with sound (5 sec.- 2 min. length)
  • Invisible ‘Night Vision’ Infrared
  • LED illumination at night
  • 50+ foot flash range
  • Compact case size 5” x 4” x 2.5”
  • Timelapse camera mode
  • Less than 1 second trigger time
  • Long battery life from 8 AA batteries (not included)
  • Operates on 8 AA Alkaline batteries
  • Up to 8 multi Shot images
  • Up to 6 Rapid Fire images
  • 12 volt external power jack
  • Security code setting
  • TV out and USB port
  • Picture info bar displays: time, date, temperature, moon phase, barometric pressure, camera ID
  • Programmable picture delay (5 sec. – 60 min.)
  • Support up to 32GB SD card (not included)
  • ¼” -20 tripod socket

Customer Opinions

The following customer opinions have been compiled from reviews found on various online sites and placed here to give you an all-around view of other customer experiences with the trail camera. We have included an attribution to each of the websites so you can visit them and get the full picture there. Because we acknowledge that there are many positive, negative and neutral experiences with all products we have included the comments that cover all three reactions.

Smiley FaceThe Positive

The Browning Spec Ops offers value for every task you can think of. Security, bird watching, construction overview, game trails, food plots, fox dens, beaver ponds; you name it, the Spec Ops will handle it. This is not a one-dimensional camera trap. You can place this camera in a multitude of camera trap stations and expect success at every stop. There are less than a handful of trail cameras on the market that we consider truly versatile and multifunctional. The Browning Spec Ops is one of them.

— from

I have several other cameras, but the Browning BTC 3 is better than all the rest. It is very easy to program and operate. The pictures are very good quality, and the video is also good.

The price was fair for the quality of the camera. I may consider buying another camera.

— from

Neutral FaceThe Neutral

The good of the cam is the fast shot pic mode,very fast trigger speed (Got me in 5 of 6 pics at 25 feet in full run using 6 shot fast), re-triggering in under 3 seconds, doesn’t false trigger, very good night pics, great transition pics and video, average battery life.

The bad of this cam imo is mainly lack of clarity in all of the day color pics, video is somewhat weak during day color videos, awful night videos, audio with video is bad, sensing is somewhat weak (I snuck right past the camera moving slowly at 35 feet), doesn’t pick up smaller game very often. (This could be a good thing for some that don’t want thousands of pics of the small stuff), zoomed pics.



Frown FaceThe Negative

I can get about 90-120 pictures over a 8 day period on a set of batteries then they are dead. I would expect them to last longer and that I wouldn’t have to keep replacing the batteries so often. I’ve tried changing settings, brand of batteries but all batteries I’ve tried are gone within 6-10 days. That makes this pretty useless if I have to go through so many batteries (24-32 AA’s) in just a month.

— from

Product Manual

If you want to view the Browning Spec Ops Trail Camera manual or if you simply want to find out more details about this or other Browning cameras it is recommended that you visit the Browning website.

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