About Us

The trail camera – also called a game camera or a scouting camera – is a relatively new piece of equipment for the hunter. It is a great way of getting a glimpse of the animals in their native habitat. As the industry continues to mature the number of different trail cameras being produced is constantly growing.

Here at the Trail Camera Guide we are dedicated to providing as much useful information about the many different trail cameras and associated accessories as possible. Product reviews will be available and you can be assured that these reviews will be written without bias.

A series of comparison guides are currently being built that should allow you to see how closely matched cameras stack up against each other.

Regular articles will also be produced that should be able to answer common (as well as not so common) questions.

We are going to delve deeply into the trail camera industry to help you become far more informed about exactly what is available for sale. We may even be able to help in directing you to the places to go to get the best deals.