Covert Trail Cameras

The Covert Scouting Camera company produces quality trail cameras that are perfect for use for hunting, wildlife animal management and security purposes. The range of cameras produced by the company covers both black and white flash illumination to cater for all types of situations. In 2014 the company introduced a new trail camera to the […] Read more »

Hunten GSC22-T70IR Trail Camera

The Hunten GSC22-T70IR Trail Camera provides the dual benefits of taking quality 7.0 megapixel pictures by day and 5.0 megapixel infrared images at night. The night-time range of the camera is very impressive and the Passive Infrared Sensor that the camera has been equipped with means that, thanks to the no glow flash detects heat […] Read more »

Bushnell Trail Cameras

Bushnell is considered one of the leading names in the trail camera industry with the popularity of the Trophy Cam series that have served hunters extremely well. The cameras deliver crystal clear images and video and the units themselves are rugged and capable of withstanding adverse conditions very well. Displayed below is a selection of […] Read more »