Day 6 Plotwatcher Pro Time Lapse Camera

The Day 6 Plotwatcher Pro Time Lapse Video Camera has the fastest time-lapse technology currently available. It has the capability of recording an image every second. the fact that every second another image is recorded means that more information can be gathered by the camera which also means that more knowledge about the game is […] Read more »

What Is the Best Position For A Trail Camera?

The positioning of your trail camera can be a delicate balance between placing it close enough to the trail, rub or scrape to get good shots and far enough away that it won’t be noticed by the deer. A whitetail buck is an extremely canny animal and has an innate instinct in avoiding predators. If […] Read more »

How Can I Protect My Game Camera?

You’ve shelled out a reasonable amount of money to get yourself a quality trail camera. Now you’ve got to protect it from outsiders – human or otherwise. One of the big problems with using a trail camera is that, in order for it to do its job it has to be left out on the […] Read more »

Moultrie M-990i Mini Cam

You don’t need a large trail camera to get top quality pictures taken with a quick response time. In fact, if you’re trying to find a trail camera that is as undetectable as possible the Moultrie M-990i Mini Cam makes a great option to check out. The M-990i Is Small But Powerful Although the Moultrie […] Read more »

Wildview TK40 NoGlo

The extremely compact Wildview TK40 NoGlo Video Scouting Camera has been released for the 2013 season and it has been equipped with the ZX7 Processor. This is a clean and modern looking design that is quick and easy to set up to provide an outstanding outdoor scouting tool. This model is the upgrade of the […] Read more »